Tim Idle Personal Trainer


When I first started my fitness journey I wanted to achieve a toned body and improve my health.
In the time I trained with Tim, I managed to achieve my goals, improve my fitness, tone my body, as well as increase my energy levels and feel good in general.
His workout regimes were tailored to my needs. He was also very flexible and able to accommodate my busy work schedule which made sticking to the routine a lot easier and achievable.
Thank you Tim for all your help!

Janet-Great Ouseburn

It had been many years since I’d actively done much exercise. I knew that I needed the discipline and support that you get from using a personal training program. I knew it would be hard work from my starting point and felt that a 121 tailored training plan aligned to my objectives was the only way I would succeed.
I had a number of objectives with the prime one to feel better mentally and if I achieved that then I would feel better physically – fitness, weight loss, energy, improved posture and figure. And to sleep better!
The plan has absolutely met my goals. My year has been quite challenging – both for health and personal reasons, but I’ve now been using the program for 9 months which has resulted in the good mental and physical shape I am in today.
My friends have all commented upon the change in me. Tim has modified my plan to help me work with my health issues – which has kept me motivated.


When I first made my enquiry with Tim I was looking to lose around 7lb and to tone up essentially, I was aware I wasn’t as fit as I used to be so I was also looking to improve my overall fitness.
Within a matter of weeks I started to notice a real difference in my stamina and could see my body shape starting to change, I have to admit it wasn’t easy to begin with and I soon realised how unfit I really was but each week felt like a step towards what I was trying to achieve and the difference was really noticeable.
I have been working out with Tim twice a week and I can genuinely say I feel so much better for it, not just the way I look (which has increased my body confidence), but the way I feel generally, I am more flexible and I can breathe much more easily when doing other physical activities.
My workout plans have always been hard but manageable and provide a real sense of achievement and Tim has been great with adapting plans to suit my needs.
I’d highly recommend Tim for a professional, knowledgeable and effective personal training service and someone who is flexible and results driven


Great trainer, appropriate to age and fitness level.


Fantastic PT, very varied sessions to suit a range of fitness levels, would definitely recommend!


Don’t be put off by the name. Tim is far from idle as we have discovered during the last few months.
Tim is an extremely easy going and reliable trainer. My son and I wanted to find a way to train together but could never agree a strategy. Thanks to my wife finding Tim on the internet, we have now been happily training for the last 6 months under Tim’s expert guidance. He is very professional and I’d happily recommend him.


Tim is professional and reliable. He has the knowledge to make a difference to the way you think about being fit and changing you body shape. What I really like about Tim is his patience and friendly calm attitude yet is still able to motivate to keep you going. Personally recommend him.


I have been working with Tim for a few months now and I have seen an incredible improvement of my fitness and stamina. Tim is an excellent motivator and I really enjoy the training sessions out in the park.


Fantastic results. Tim is very knowledgeable and he understood what I wanted to achieve and tailored my program perfectly. Very friendly and professional.


I’ve recently started training with Tim and already feel I have made a great improvement with my overall health. I have lost weight and made changes to my diet with his help. He motivates me in training and makes it enjoyable, he also gives great advice!

Lindsay-Pateley Bridge

I have been working with Tim for about 18 months and can really recommend him.
When I got past mid fifties, I found I was getting stiffer & stiffer particularly when I got out of bed in the morning. As a horse-rider I needed to stay flexible in order to be comfortable on and around horses. Tim has adapted my programmes to meet my particular needs and goals.
Movements that I was struggling to do at the beginning are now achievable easily and without the stiffness & pain in my hips, knees and ankles that I experienced at the start.
Tim is encouraging and gets you to do more than you normally would.
After a few months I started to really enjoy my workouts & they leave me fitter and more energised.


Tim’s a fantastic trainer, he is knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and knows how to get the best out of his clients. I would recommend him very highly to anyone.


I’ve played tennis for many years, and some other sports here and there for leisure. But have felt that I needed to improve my fitness, especially cardiovascular fitness, much more. Tim knew exactly what i needed to work on and improvements came quickly. As a result i can now play more often with more enjoyment in it too.


Tim is a real motivator who gets results without shouting at you! I even look forward to the next session, highly recommended.


I really liked being trained by Tim – I no longer dread going to the gym! He makes it fun in a calm, controlled and professional manner. He’s helped me well on the way to achieving my fitness goals, and I haven’t even talked to him about my upcoming triathlon yet!


Tim really put me at ease, it is hard work but totally worth it.


Tim listens to the goals that I want to achieve and has guided me every step of the way. Dedicated, caring and motivational. Now I look forward to my workouts. Thank you Tim.


Tim has written a fantastic tailored exercise programme, for myself and my husband each, which we put to good use today !!! Whilst I can feel it this evening , everything was manageable and Tim was encouraging and supportive of our long term aim . I’d wholeheartedly recommend Tim if you’re looking for a knowledgeable and experienced PT!! 💪🏼😀💪🏼


Excellent advice from Tim … really encouraging , would definitely recommend him 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️


First class. Very punctual and couldn’t do enough for you. Highly recommended.


I really enjoyed my first training session with Tim. He is very knowledgable on exercise, diet, and lifestyle. My personal workout plan is perfect for my goals and I can feel the burn from my first session already. He is calm in his approach and worked with my skill level. Looking forward to our next session!


Tim is a fantastic personal trainer, he sets a great personal plan for exercise and works with you. I enjoy doing the training each week with Tim that he has set up for me and my personal goals.


Tim has done a great personal workout plan for me. He listened to what I wanted and has given me the best plan for my needs. I haven’t done anything for a couple of years but Tim has helped me get back into a fitness routine. I’m feeling much better after only a week and have loads more energy.