Your health and fitness depends just as much on diet and nutrition as it does on the amount and type of exercise you do. The best results come from getting both these areas right, so it’s really important to get the correct advice on what you’re eating and drinking to combine with your training plan. So additionally to personal training sessions I will include healthy diet and nutrition advice as part of your package.

I’m fully qualified in Nutrition & Weight Management, so I can offer guidance to help you adjust your diet to tie in with your new training program.

You’ll get help with recipe ideas that are tasty, super easy and quick to prepare (even I can make them!!), plus healthy snacks that keep you feeling fuller for longer. I’ll show you when is the best time to eat certain foods and which ones help the most with weight management.

If it’s just some nutrition help you’d like without personal training, then I can design a healthy, sustainable plan that will get your diet back on the right track.
The Nutrition Plan includes;
  1. An assessment of your weekly food & drink consumption
  2. A personalised nutrition plan that is super healthy and easy to stick with
  3. Ideas for breakfast, lunch & evening meals, plus healthy snacks to keep you going in between
  4. A breakdown of the foods & nutrients you need in your diet